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  • SnapLab+ SL620A Photo Kiosk System

    SnapLab+ SL620A Photo Kiosk System

    The SnapLab+ SL620A is a compact kiosk print system, combining a DNP DS620A printer and 10-inch touchscreen -- no computer needed! Ideal for a wide variety of on-site applications from weddings, receptions, and birthdays to charity and sporting events. Creates 4x5, 5x7, or 6x8 thermal prints that will last for generations. Makes prints from digital camera cards, USB thumbdrives, Apple, Android, and Win8 smartphones and tablets.

    • $1995.00
  • DNP DS-620A Photo Printer

    DNP DS-620A Photo Printer

    With up to 400 prints per hour, the DS620A is fast with prints in 8.3 seconds! This makes DNP's new flagship printer one of the fastest professional photo printers in the market. The DS620A offers a watermark on the back and high gloss and crisp colors on the front of your photos. Multiple formats provides flexibility offering anything from a 2"x6" photobooth fun strip up to 6"x8" enlargements. The same media can be utilized for glossy or matte output based on your needs.

    • $1195.00
  • DNP DS-820A Photo Printer

    DNP DS-820A Photo Printer

    Introducing a new 8-inch dye-sublimation photo printer utilizing the latest dye-sublimation printing technology. The DS820A is capable of handling multiple print sizes from 4x8” to dramatic 8x32” panoramic prints perfect for sweeping landscapes to memorable family reunions. Offers 4 types of finishes: glossy, luster, matte, and fine matte. DNPDS820ASET

    • $1395.00
  • DNP DS-40 Photo Printer

    DNP DS-40 Photo Printer

    DNP DS-40 printers are high-speed, high-quality photo printers for use in photo labs, photo kiosks, and by sport, event and studio photographers. Print speeds up to 9 seconds for a 300dpi 4x6 print. Matte or glossy prints from the same print kit. DNPDS40SET

    • $1225.00
  • DNP RX1 Photo Printer

    DNP RX1 Photo Printer

    DNP’s new RX1HS digital photo printer fuses affordable hardware and media costs with high-quality capabilities. The RX1HS delivers 4x6 and 6x8 prints and expands your revenue stream allowing your customer to print two 2″ x 6″ strips printed on 4″ x 6″ and four 2″ x 6″ strips printed on 6″ x 8″. Ideal for photo booth and events printing.

    • $1395.00
  • DNP DS-80 Photo Printer

    DNP DS-80 Photo Printer

    DNP DS-80 printers are high-speed, high-quality photo printers for use in photo labs, photo kiosks, by professional photographers, or in other commercial applications with print speeds up to 31 seconds for a 300dpi 8x10 print. DNPDS80SET

    • $1599.00
  • DNP Mobile Party Print

    DNP Mobile Party Print

    DNP's new Mobile Party Print software is the perfect solution to utilize at your next party, corporate event, or professional engagement. Use with DNP DS40, DS80 & RX1 photo printers and WiFi-enabled Windows 7 & 8 PCs. Wirelessly prints from iPhones, Android phones and most tablets with free mobile app.

    • $199.00