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  • Picture Kiosk Order Station Widescreen Upgrade

    Picture Kiosk Order Station Widescreen Upgrade


    Upgrade your G4 Picture Kiosk order station monitor to a new widescreen. Logix is now offering most Kodak G4 Picture Kiosk owners a monitor upgrade package that provides the features and enhancements of a new system at a fraction of the cost. This upgrade includes a larger, brighter multi-touch widescreen monitor, more system memory for improved performance, the latest Kodak upgrade software, and a redesigned creative content border library that will provide your customers with a faster, easier to use, and a more satisfying purchase experience. Call us at 1-800-465-6449 to learn more. Detals and specifications are below.

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  • Picture Kiosk Order Station

    Picture Kiosk Order Station

    The refurbished Kodak Picture Kiosk G4 Order Station includes the a 22" wide screen and the latest Kodak software. It is the perfect replacement for most older G3 Picture Maker order stations. Because it is compatible with your cabinet, printers and most print scanners, this upgrade is a cost-effective way to offer your customers the latest high-margin products and services.

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  • USB Smartphone Tethering Cable

    USB Smartphone Tethering Cable

    This cable provides smart phone and tablet connectivity to your photo kiosk for customers who prefer to print pictures via cable. This is a high quality, durable cable, and is fully tested for downloading images from smartphones and tablets. Includes installation instructions. Your kiosk must have the latest software version.

    • $19.95
  • Secure WiFi Upgrade for Kodak G4s

    Secure WiFi Upgrade for Kodak G4s

    Kodak Connect appIf you have an older G4 Picture Kiosk without wireless capability, you can capture new business with Kodak's WiFi update. Your customers can use their Android and Apple smartphones and tablets to quickly and easily download their images via Kodak's secure WiFi update using the free Kodak Connect app available from the iTunes Store and Google Play. This upgrade includes the WIFI hardware adapter, easy-to-follow installation instructions, a new POS header for the top of the kiosk order station, and a header insert promoting the new WIFI capability. Requires Kodak software version 6.1 SP1 or later. Call us at 1-800-465-6449 to learn more.

    • $49.00
  • Kodak G4 Picture Kiosk Software Upgrade

    Kodak G4 Picture Kiosk Software Upgrade

    Kodak's for G4 Picture Kiosks with the original screen (shown). Includes the latest borders, holiday, greeting card, invitation, and announcement templates. For original G4 Picture Kiosks only. Call 1-734-522-6900 to make sure your Kodak G4 Picture Kiosk is compatible with this update. See details. NOTE: This upgrade is not compatible with widescreen Picture Kiosks or G3 Picture Makers.

    • $79.00
  • Kodak Social Networking Module

    Kodak Social Networking Module

    With Social Networking Connectivity, your customers can connect to Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa Web Albums to access and print any of their online pictures. Requires V5 or greater Kodak Picture Kiosk software and a high-speed wired internet connection.


    • $150.00
  • Kodak Facial Retouch Module

    Kodak Facial Retouch Module

    Now your customers can look their best with Facial Retouch. It automatically smooths skin tones, removes or reduces facial blemishes and wrinkles . . . in seconds. Requires V5 or greater Kodak Picture Kiosk software.


    • $150.00
  • Kodak Pet-Eye Retouch Module

    Kodak Pet-Eye Retouch Module

    The new easy-to-use editing tool will appeal to your pet lovers. It removes the flash glare from their pet's eyes. Requires V5 or greater Kodak Picture Kiosk software.

    • $150.00
  • Kodak Video Snapshots Module

    Kodak Video Snapshots Module

    With Video Snapshosts, your customers. can easily pull still pictures from their digital videos to make prints, collages, calendars, greeting cards, and more. Requires V5 or greater Kodak Picture Kiosk software.


    • $250.00