Benefits of Kiosk Ownership

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Top 5 Benefits of Kiosk Ownership

Additional Revenue Stream

With today's cost of goods, slimmer margins on pharmaceuticals and government regulations, Kodak Picture Kiosks provide an additional form of high-margin revenue, while adding very little to expenditures or labor. Typical margins run 50%-300% or more on products produced by your kiosk.

Increased Floor Traffic

While providing a new and much-appreciated service for customers you will realize a definite uptick in floor traffic, increasing the purchase of existing front-end merchandise.

Customer Retention

With today's gas prices and pace of life, your customers will appreciate one-stop shopping, eliminating the chance you take every time they take their photo processing to your competitor.

New Customers

Once the word gets out, you are very likely to start seeing new faces in your store. Chain stores and big box stores are crowded, impersonal and time consuming. A lot of people are looking to support their local merchants who can provide a comfortable, familiar, friendly atmosphere in which to shop. Your new photo customers will soon be shopping throughout the store. Kodak even provides a Picture Kiosk Store Locator to help new customers find you.

Quick Return on Investment

Because of the relatively low acquisition price when compared to other technology purchases, your Kodak Picture Kiosk will begin paying for itself the day you place it on the floor. With an extremely small overhead expense, you can pay off your initial hardware investment in months instead of years.

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