3. What types of stores are using a photo kiosk?

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The appeal of the KODAK Picture Kiosk is universal. Almost everyone takes pictures, and more people are using their smartphones and tablets for their pictures than ever before. Your customers, regardless of the type of store you have, have an interest in finding a convenient place to print their pictures.

Photo kiosks aren't just for pharmacies anymore. Historically, many of these units have been placed in pharmacies and drug stores. However, the size of the pie is growing and we are seeing a much wider interest beyond the traditional pharmacies and drug store locations.

Many of our most successful installations are occurring in non-traditional locations like electronic stores, college bookstores, UPS-type shipping centers, gift shops, grocery and convenience stores, hospitals, scrapbook stores, tourist attractions and hotel lobbies.

Experience shows that no matter what type of retail environment you are in, if there is not another Picture Kiosk within 5-10 miles of your location, you will be very successful with a KODAK Picture Kiosk and your customers will appreciate the convienence. Talk to one of our friendly, knowledgable Picture Maker advisors to learn more. Call us at 734-522-6900 or 800-465-6449.


Pharmacies and drug stores have been a prime location for photo developing kiosks. With Kodak's 70+% market share no brand is recognized quicker than a Kodak Picture Kiosk. Your customers have used drug and pharmacy stores for years to have their traditional film developed and printed. Now that most people have switched to camera phones, tablets and digital cameras it's even easier to provide that service with a Kodak Picture Kiosk.


The days when customers went into a bookstore, made their purchase and left, are long gone. The bookstore market has learned that keeping customers in the store and making it comfortable to explore and browse will increase sales. Comfortable seating, premium coffee shops, and wide open aisles are all standard fare. A Kodak Picture Kiosk fits right in with that mind set. The college bookstore has also proven to be an excellent market for picture printing kiosks with camera phone compatibilities and the relative captive market the college campus provides.

Scrapbook Stores

Scrapbook stores are an ideal location for Picture Kiosks. Scrapbookers generally use pictures on almost every page in their albums. Full service scrapbook centers, especially those doing classes, will want the ability to image pictures. With most people shooting with digital cameras the ability to print on-site is a great service which your clients will appreciate. The best units for scrapbook centers will include a print scanner.

Tourist Locations

Why would you wait to see your pictures until you get home when you can print and share them while still on vacation? Hotel lobbies and gift stores, amusement or theme parks, cruise ships, and upscale tourist attractions are "naturals" for a Kodak Picture Kiosk. All Kodak units also have the optional capability to operate with credit card payment.

Grocery Stores

All grocery stores should offer digital photo services. At one time grocery stores were second only to pharmacies in photo drop off for a very good reason - convenience. Most customers visit their favorite grocery at least twice a week. Every time they see your photo kiosk is a reminder that getting pictures is just as easy as shopping for groceries. Many models are perfect for a grocery operation depending on the size of the store and available space.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are a new up and coming market for Picture Kiosks. People who frequent them usually do so for the ease of purchasing the basics from gas to milk. Why not offer basic photo service too? Particularly in more rural and remote locations, where traditional photo services may not be readily available, photo kiosks do very well. Your customers will appreciate the value of printing their photos in a convenient location that they frequent often.

Electronics/Phone Stores

Electronics stores similar to the Radio Shack model are very good locations for Picture Kiosks. Your customers are technologically advanced, usually have digital cameras, tablets and camera phones and are comfortable in your store. Why not offer Kodak lab-quality images from their digital camera files, tablets, and camera phones? A Kodak Picture Kiosk is just one more reason to visit your store where they can be upsold to additional products and services


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