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  • Kodak USB Memory Savers - 5 pack w/wallets

    Kodak USB Memory Savers - 5 pack w/wallets

    A 5 pack of Kodak Memory Saver USB thumbdrives with wallets. Saves up to 4000 images from a customer’s phone. The cell phone “power user” will appreciate the convenience of backing up their entire photo library to one device. For wide-screen Picture Kiosks only with Version 6 (and above) software.

    • $55.00
  • Kodak Picture CDs 50/case

    Kodak Picture CDs 50/case

    KODAK Picture CD enables customers to save up to 400 MB of photos and short videos to protect them for generations to come. 50 CDs\box with wallets. For all Kodak G3, G4, and GS Compact GS Compact Picture Kiosks. 50 blank Picture CDs w/wallets per case.

    • $65.00
  • Kodak Archive DVDs 25/case

    Kodak Archive DVDs 25/case

    For Kodak G4 Picture Kiosk and G3 with G4 Order Station. KODAK Archive DVD provides your customer a larger capacity than Picture CDs to preserve up to 4 GB of pictures and videos from theirt smart phones, tablets, and digital cameras and protect them for generations. That's about 10 times more storage than Kodak Picture CDs. Includes 25 blank DVDs with storage cases. Not compatible with G3 Order Station.

    • $89.00