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Should I Buy a New or Refurbished Kodak Picture Kiosk?

At Logix we sell and fully support both new and refurbished Kodak Picture Kiosks. After a discussion with one of our kiosk consultants, you can be assured you are purchasing the right product for your circumstances. The following chart illustrates the difference between the two.

New Kodak G4 Picture Kiosk Refurbished Kodak G4 Picture Kiosks
Manufactured by Kodak Manufactured by Kodak
Refurbished by Logix
Kodak Warranty Logix Warranty
Aggressive Pricing About 1/2 the Cost of New
Supplies through Logix Supplies through Logix
Logix Marketing Support Logix Marketing Support
Setup in store by Kodak Arrives pre-programmed and ready to go


As you can see, there is very little difference between new or refurbished G4 Picture Kiosks, yet the cost savings is very significant. Both new and refurbished Picture Kiosks have the same features and produce the same products. A refurbished Picture Kiosk with the widescreen upgrade functions just like a new Picture Kiosk and still costs much less.

With Logix you know that you are getting the right product at the best price! Logix is the smart choice for your Kodak photo kiosk.

Use our Contact us form or call us at 800-465-6449 with any questions regarding Kodak Picture Kiosks.