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Many thanks to our customers who provided testimonials describing their success with their Kodak Picture Kiosks from Logix.

Mark Dominik, Owner Schwieterman Pharmacies
Mr. Mark Dominik
Owner-Schwieterman Pharmacies
New Bremen, Ohio

"Our six stores have Kodak Picture Kiosks. Logix has been our solution partner and answer to all of our digital processing needs. Service is what we require, and Logix delivers!"

Haley Christensen, Owner Kodak Picture Kiosk
Ms. Haley Christensen
Owner-Kodak Picture Kiosk
Hartington, Nebraska

"In eight years of owning the Kodak kiosk, I have always had a service contract with Logix, and it has been the key to making and keeping my business profitable. I haven't had one day that the kiosk has been out of service due to equipment breakdowns, because of the friendly and knowledgable Logix staff. They have always been there to keep my business successful."

Beth Atkinson, Owner Petique
Ms. Beth Atkinson
Manistique, Michigan

"The Kodak kiosk brings new customers into my store. It's a pleasure to share special moments with them through pictures. It is always a pleasant experience dealing with Logix, from ordering to tech support."

Connie Smallwood, Owner Buena Vista Drug
Ms. Connie Smallwood
Owner-Buena Vista Drug
Buena Vista, Colorado

"We have had a kiosk in our store since 2007, and it has greatly impacted our business. It is in use continuously and people in the community really appreciate it. We have recouped the initial investment and are now making about 40% profit on the machine. Logix has given us excellent service and prices on supplies."

Lori WenkeLori Warnke
Ben Franklin Crafts
Sheldon, Iowa

"We have been very happy with both our KODAK Machines. They increase our traffic and many add-on sales. Our customers love the ability to add a simple app and print directly from their smart phones, tablets, and Facebook. We also do a lot of Christmas cards and invitations. Logix has always been very helpful and easy to work with."


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