Kiosk Warranties

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KODAK Picture Kiosk Warranties

Original Warranty

New Picture Kiosk G4 purchased from LOGIX come with a standard 1 year KODAK warranty. All support and service is provided by KODAK. Most support issues can be handled by phone.

Refurbished G4 Picture Kiosk models purchased from LOGIX have either a 6 month standard warranty or 1 year Extended Service Contract. Additional Extended Service Contracts are also available (see below). All support and service on refurbished Picture Kiosks is provided by LOGIX. Most support issues can be handled by phone.

Extended Warranty

In most cases, an Extended Service Contract must be purchased while the original warranty is still in effect. The Extended Service Contract will begin when the original warranty expires.

An Extended Service Contract covers the entire Picture Kiosk and includes free phone support calls. Software upgrades released during the period of the Extended Service Contract are also covered. As with most warranties, equipment abuse, damage that occurs during a power outage, lightning storm, floods, and other "Acts of God" are not covered.

LOGIX will provide an Extended Service Contract for a Picture Kiosk that was purchased therough LOGIX. Under certain circumstances, LOGIX may provide an Extended Service Contract on a Picture Kiosk not sold by us.

If you are interested in an Extended Service Contract on your Kodak Picture Kiosk,

give us a call at 800-465-6449.